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Wool Wrapped Natural/Organic Shikibuton Futon

Wool Wrapped Natural/Organic Shikibuton Futon

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Traditional Folding Shiki Futon Mattress

Traditional shikibutons are made for layering on top of each other, on the floor or on a tatami bed. Shiki futons are made from layers of cotton and encased in a cotton twill fabric case.

Our Japanese style Traditional Folding Shiki Futon Mattress includes your choice of both natural and organic cotton fabric case and chemical free wool. The breathable and lightweight fibers allow for a deeper nights sleep as the wool repels moisture and regulates heat, for improved sleep.

These wool and cotton shiki futon mattresses are designed to be rolled up and stored away when not in use. You can customize your comfort by layering two or more shikibutons on top of each other. This can provide a softer sleeping surface. This Natural Wool Shikibuton Mattress is perfect season to season. Find out for yourself how much better if feels to sleep on Wool!

Available with an organic fabric or standard poly-cotton ticking. Please note - The shiki futon will compress in time but when you first get it it will be fluffy and soft.

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