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Travel Kapok Pillow

Travel Kapok Pillow

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  • REQUIRES the right PROTECTOR pillow barrier cover by the same maker for optimal use, including dust mite protection, comfort, to keep moisture out, and to lengthen the life of the pillow 
  • the most wonderful pillow in the world
  • made in San Diego
  • organic cotton damask outer cover (GOTS CERTIFIED)
  • natural kapok fiber inside
  • easily malleable ...takes the shape you form it to
  • machine washable & dryable (comes with care instructions)
  • comes in light fill, regular fill, or heavy fill 
  • lasts 20 times longer than regular synthetic pillows
  • machine wash and dry (2-3 dryer cycles to dry completely)
  • $10 zipper closure upgrade included, which enables the fill to be adjusted over time... still machine washable & dryable if you put a rubber band around the corner

zipper closure is an option we've included here that will enable the fill to be customized on an ongoing basis. When the pillow is washed and dried, it fluffs up a lot (requires 2-3 tumble dry low cycles to dry all the way). The zipper allows you to access the kapok and adjust the loft at any time. For machine washing & drying, put a rubber band around the zipper to keep it sealed. If you don't want a zipper, send us an email and we'll create a custom invoice.

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