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Energy Max Extract

Energy Max Extract

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Some of nature's most powerful energy producers and stress adaptogens help boost energy and enhance stamina to get you through your long day. Korean Ginseng or true "Panax" Ginseng, Peruvian Ginseng; Maca root and Brazilian Ginseng; Suma root have been used for centuries to balance and reduce energy depleting stress and enhance mental and physical stamina. Guarana seed contains natural caffeine to give an immediate boost without the jitters or shakes. Use this tonic daily to help balance stress levels, boost mental concentration, stamina, reduce muscle fatigue and support overall energy.

  • 100% Natural, Organic / Non-GMO
  • Boosts energy levels and stamina.
  • Improves mental focus and concentration. 
  • Increases vitality, endurance and stamina. 
  • Balances stress depleting hormones. 
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and promotes strength.
  • Korean (Panax) Ginseng, Maca Root, Suma Root, Guarana Seed
  • Whole plant / broad spectrum extraction for proper balance.
  • 1 FL OZ / 30 ML


Organic Herbal Extracts of: Korean (Panax) Ginseng, Maca Root, Suma Root, Guarana Seed.


Distilled Water, USP Grade Alcohol.


Aqua (Water), Ethanol, Panax ginseng (Korean Ginseng) Extract*, Lepidium meyenii (Maca) Root Extract*, Pfaffia paniculata (Suma) Root Extract*, Paullinia cupana (Guarana) Seed Extract*.

*All of the herbs in this formula are grown and certified organic or wild harvested and are individually extracted to ensure a broad spectrum of therapeutic plant compounds.

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