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Herbal Body Care Set | Energizing

Herbal Body Care Set | Energizing

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Been suffering with low energy or depression and have trouble getting up and sustaining through the day without exhaustion or sadness distracting you.
A gentle and natural way to have more energy, be happier and boost your mood so you can cruise through your life without compromise.
3 Product Complete Set

  • Awakens and energizes the mind, body and spirit.
  • Revitalizes and uplifts to enhance mood and outlook.
  • Stimulates the senses to help keep you in the game.
  • Moisturizes & Softens | Lightweight | Fresh Light Scent.
  • 99% - 100% Natural | Organic | Full Spectrum Extraction Technology.
Boost your mood and increase energy while moisturizing with this natural, therapeutic body care set. Enhanced with St. John's Wort, Rosemary, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo and more; this set helps to improve mood resulting from over working, studying or everyday stress. Energy enhancing Suma, Guarana and Ginseng keep you going throughout the day longer and more efficiently while stimulating citrus and Peppermint essential oils awaken the mind, body and spirit. Revitalize and uplift while moisturizing with this daily body scrub, lotion and aromatherapy mist.
St. John's Wort | Siberian Ginseng | Ginkgo | Gotu kola | Rosemary | Green Tea | Peppermint | Suma | Kelp | Guarana | Licorice | Lavender | Orange.Lemongrass Oil | Sweet Orange Oil | Lemon Oil | Peppermint Oil.St. John's Wort herb, Gotu kola, Ginkgo and Rosemary promote healthy mood levels as Siberian Ginseng, Licorice, Green Tea, Orange, Guarana, Peppermint and Suma increase energy and balance stress by supporting adrenal gland function. Citrus and Peppermint essential oils help uplift and stimulate the senses.
Exfoliate dead skin and enliven your senses with the Revive Body Scrub, follow with our Revive Energizing Body Lotion and complete the ritual with our and Revive Energizing Aromatherapy Mist.For greater support with boosting mood and energy, use in combination with our Energy Max and Mood Support Herbal Extract dietary supplements.

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