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Organic Nursing Pillow

Organic Nursing Pillow

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  • designed to support baby during feedings using all natural and pure organic fabrics so it will not outgas toxic chemicals into baby's environment
  • similar to a Boppy but with organic cotton instead of polyester
  • soft and plush with support - used to prop up baby during playtime, to use around waist to nurse baby, and for tv time with older toddlers
  • pure, natural silky kapok fill or our sturdier pure eco wool fill
  • outer: super soft, pure organic natural damask fabric (Khaki Twill or Dandelion Twill are also available if an outer that's a bit more rugged is preferred...mention preference in notes
  • durable and travel friendly
  • Ecowool is naturally temperature regulating and bacterial and mold resistant., a very low maintenance pillow
  • custom sizes available
  • full line of organic cotton nursing pillow covers available in fleece, flannel, sateen, & jersey to protect investment
  • includes nylon zipper so that to re-stuff, add, or remove stuffing (to order closed without a zipper, mention in notes)
  • proudly made in San Diego
  • add a pillowcase 

kapok advantages: can be machine washed and dried and re-fluffed as needed
kapok disadvantages: will compress over time then require washing to re-fluff, also takes extremely long to dry in the dryer

Eco Wool advantages: naturally dust mite, bed bug, moisture and mold resistant
Eco Wool disadvantages: must be hand rinsed when needed; will compress slightly over time

Eco Wool - Not certified but fully tested pure and from USA sheep
Organic Wool - Certified but is a bit less bouncy and from foreign sheep

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